This is how it works when you order your beef through Lonesome Dove Angus Farm.

  1. Start by going to our online store and choose which beef package you want
  2. Once your order is received, you will receive an email confirmation with a follow up phone call to talk about the particulars of your order.  We will also outline the timeline on when your beef will be ready for processing.  Your beef is generally ready within 4 weeks of your order.  Whole cow orders are available faster as there is no order share necessary before sending the beef for processing.
  3. Once your beef is ready for processing, Lonesome Dove Angus Farm will deliver it to the processing center.  You will receive an email from the processing center at that time, confirming the specifics of your order.
  4. Once your beef has been processed and packaged, you will receive a phone call from the processing center letting you know that you can come and pick it up.  All meat is flash frozen at the processing center to insure safe transport back home to your freezer.
  5. Eat well!