Frequently asked questions

  1. What is “All Natural Beef”?
  2. Why Angus?
  3. Why grain finished?
  4. How much or how little can I order?
  5. What will I get from the average Quarter, Half, or Whole cow?
  6. Do I need a freezer?
  7. What about treats for my pooch?
  8. What is the process from order to table?
  9. How do I order?
  10. How do I pay for the goods?
  11. Where do I pick up my meat?
  12. Some good recipes I’ve learned!
  13. Did you know?
  14. Giving back!


What is “All Natural Beef”?

Lonesome Dove Cattle Co. is a three generational family farm in Linwood, Minnesota. Natural Angus Beef comes from animals that weigh approximately 1200 pounds. “Natural Beef” is from animals that have received NO antibiotics in their feed and have NO growth implants. In contrast, almost all beef that you buy in the grocery store comes from feedlots- where feed is medicated with antibiotics and estrogen growth implants. “Natural Beef” is also primarily foraged- raised beef (, high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.


Why Angus?

Angus is the name of the breed- originally a Black English breed renowned for its beef quality (today there are also Red Angus). We have the same cattle as those in the popular Certified Angus Beef program. The beef from our purebred Angus herd will be more marbled. These cuts will be of prime quality- tender, juicy, and outstanding flavor. 95% of the Angus beef you buy at the grocery store is actually a crossbred animal. Our animals are all purebred Angus which you may never have had.

Furthermore, we have ultra-sounded our animals to select them for high marbling and carcass qualities. They are also artificially bred to the highest value carcass sires in the breed.


Why grain finished?

Lonesome Dove Angus beef would qualify as organic, except that we supplement the grass diet with some locally grown corn- to “finish” and marble the beef. The corn is not certified organic. No one grows organic corn in our area, and to import it is costly and fossil- fuel dependent.


How much or how little beef can I order?

Customers may order a whole, half, or quarter. On their own- some customers divide up their quarter with friends, family and neighbors. We leave that up to you.

Individual animals vary, but our estimate on a beef weighing 1,200 pounds on the hoof (live weight) – will end up at a hanging weight of approximately 700-800 pounds in a whole, 350-400 pounds in a side (half), and 175-200lb in a quarter. (A quarter is not the front or back side, but an equally divided side or half).

Remember that this is an average. It will vary with the amount of trimming you require. Animals also vary in size and yield.

*** There is a natural decrease of end product weight- due to the aging process and trimming of fat and bones- your end product will be approximately 30% less than your hanging wt.  (See Understanding Hanging Weight)

Customers may also purchase a Quarters that are cut and packaged- ready to go.


What will I get from the average Quarter of a cow?

(Based on a Quarter 200 lb. hanging wt.)

2 Porter house steaks                       1 Arm roast

8 Rib steaks                                       4 Chuck roasts

4 Round steaks                                 1 Rump roast

4 Sirloin steaks                                 1 Sirloin tip roast

6 T-bone steaks                                50lb. Ground beef

***Meaty Dog bones and tallow are free


What will I get from the average half of cow?

(Based on a half 400lb hanging wt.)

4 Porter house steaks              2 Arm roasts

16 Rib steaks                           8 Chuck roasts

8 Round steaks                        1 Rump roast

8 Sirloin steaks                        2 Sirloin tip roasts

12 T-bone steaks                     100lb. Ground beef

***Meaty Dog bones and tallow are free


What will I get from the a whole cow

(Based on a 800lb. Whole)

8 Porter house steaks              4 Arm roasts

32 Rib steaks                           16 Chuck roasts

16 Round steaks                      2 Rump roasts

16 Sirloin steaks                      4 Sirloin tip roasts

24 T-bone steaks                     200ob. Ground beef

***Meaty Dog bones and tallow are free


Do I need a freezer?

Yes, or at least a large refrigerator freezer section. A quarter beef takes up about 5 cubic feet. A 5 cubic foot freezer costs approximately $250.00.


What about treats for my pooch?

Let us know and we can have bones included for your pets. Raw meaty bones are advocated in a pet diet championed by veterinarians. Organ meats like liver, kidneys, and heart also make a healthy treat for dogs and cats.


What is the process from order to the table?

You place your order either on this website/Pay pal or over the phone. ($100.00 deposit is required for custom orders at time of purchase to reserve your order). We work as fast as possible to fill out an entire cow, to match you up with other buyers and get your beef to the butcher.

** If you need to have your beef within a week- there are pre-cut and packaged quarters available for you to pick up.

When we bring the cow to the butcher shop- the butcher weighs the animal to determine the hanging wt.

We call you with the wt. and cost of your beef. At this time you send “Lonesome Dove Angus” a cash/check or Pay Pal on line with a credit card the balance of the cost of the meat (minus the $100.00 deposit).

*Example: if the cows total hanging wt. is 800lb- a quarter would weigh 200lb- the cost of the meat for that quarter would be 200lb X $3.50= $700.00 payable to Lonesome Dove Angus.

Your beef will hang and age at the butcher shop for approximately 14 days. While it is hanging, the butcher shop will give you a call to find out how you want your package cut and wrapped. At that time they will be glad to answer any questions you have about what and how to order. They will then notify you when the meat is ready for pick up.

****No meat can be released from the butcher shop until the Lonesome Dove is paid in full/check has cleared the bank.


How do I order?

  1. First read all of “Frequently asked questions” and sign the acknowledgement at bottom.
  2. Place order through “Pay Pal” on this web site.
  3. $100.00 deposit required at time of order to reserve purchase on a custom order. There are also “Ready to Pick up Quarters” at our farm if you can’t wait.
  4. We will contact you and confirm order.
  5. For questions call Sheri at 651-462-3610


How do I pay for the goods?

At this time we accept cash, check, or credit card.

$100.00 deposit is due at time of order.

The balance of meat invoice is due and payable to “Lonesome Dove Cattle Co.” by the time the animal is brought to butcher shop.

The processing fee will be payable to butcher shop at time of meat pick up. An approximate cost for processing a Quarter standard cut will run around $125.00. This price is based on wt. or lbs. processed for each order.


Where do I pick up my Meat?

The butcher shop will notify you when your beef is ready for pick up and also the cost of processing. The processing fee is payable to the butcher shop and due at time of pick up.  There are also “Read to Pick Up Quarters” available at our farm if you can’t wait.


Some Good Recipes That I’ve learned!

A good steak recipe

Take steaks out of fridge 20 minutes prior to grilling and warm to room temperature (steaks cook more evenly).

Brush both sides with oil and season well with salt (Kosher if available) and pepper- “don’t be shy”! If you stick to salt and pepper only- you can really taste the flavor of the Angus beef.

Place steaks on hot grill for 4-5 min. flip and cook another 3-4 min. for med/rare doneness. (Internal temp of 135 degrees). Adjust the timing for rare or well done.

Remove from grill and let steak rest for 5min. under loosely tented foil before serving. Enjoy!

***Error on the side of undercooking if unsure of how your company wants they’re steak cooked- you can always throw it back on the grill.


A Good BBQ Salad Recipe

This recipe is easy to make and absolutely delicious! You can make as much or as little as you like.

Take one head or more of romaine lettuce wash, clean, and cut in half lengthwise. Drizzle all 3 sides with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder or granules.

Place on hot grill and cook 2-3 min. per side- until leaves are starting to char. Be careful when you turn them as the lettuce becomes more fragile as it cooks- I found a tongs works the best.

When done remove from heat and place cut side up on individual plates or on serving platter. Sprinkle with fried chopped bacon, chopped tomatoes and raw purple onion. Top with a dollop of blue cheese dressing and a dollop of BBQ sauce.   Enjoy!

A Good Marinate Recipe

1 c. oil                                               1 c. soy sauce

1 pinch of sugar                              sm. amount of lemon juice

1 tsp ground ginger                        fresh garlic or garlic powder

Mix all together and marinate for 1 hour or longer. When you are ready to grill- remove meat from marinate and dispose of marinate.


Did you know?

Although it is important to watch our fat intake – the flavor of the meat is found in the fat! This is why it important to strike a balance between a too lean or too fatty piece of meat.


Giving Back!

Giving back is an important part of our philosophy and that is why for every beef sale of 1/4, 1/2 or Whole.  Lonesome dove will donate $5.00 to a local 4-H club.


FAQ Disclosure Acknowledgment Form

Use this link to acknowledge that you have read and understand the FAQ before you can place your order:   CLICK HERE