What is “All Natural Beef”?

Lonesome Dove Cattle Co. is a three generational family farm in Linwood, Minnesota. Natural Angus Beef comes from animals that weigh approximately 1200 pounds. “Natural Beef” is from animals that have received NO antibiotics in their feed and have NO growth implants. In contrast, almost all beef that you buy in the grocery store comes from feedlots- where feed is medicated with antibiotics and estrogen growth implants. “Natural Beef” is also primarily foraged- raised beef (http://eatwild.com), high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.


Why Angus?

cow2Angus is the name of the breed- originally a Black English breed renowned for its beef quality (today there are also Red Angus). We have the same cattle as those in the popular Certified Angus Beef program. The beef from our purebred Angus herd will be more marbled. These cuts will be of prime quality- tender, juicy, and outstanding flavor. 95% of the Angus beef you buy at the grocery store is actually a crossbred animal. Our animals are all purebred Angus which you may never have had.

Furthermore, we have ultra-sounded our animals to select them for high marbling and carcass qualities. They are also artificially bred to the highest value carcass sires in the breed.


Why grain finished?

Lonesome Dove Angus beef would qualify as organic, except that we supplement the grass diet with some locally grown corn- to “finish” and marble the beef. The corn is not certified organic. No one grows organic corn in our area, and to import it is costly and fossil- fuel dependent.