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Exceptional Beef Direct from Our Family to Yours.

Why Choose Lonesome Dove Cattle Co.?

At Lonesome Dove Cattle Co., we pride ourselves on providing premium, all-natural beef directly from our farm. Our Angus and American Wagyu cattle are raised on open pastures with a commitment to quality that you can taste.

Benefits of Natural Beef

Purebred Angus and American Wagyu Beef:

The finest cuts from breeds known for their superior quality and taste.

All-Natural Practices:

We guarantee no antibiotics or hormones are ever used in our raising process.

Family Farmed:

Direct from our family to your table, we ensure each product is handled with the utmost care.


Choose Your Portion: Tailored Beef Options to Meet Every Need

From modest quarters to a full cow, Lonesome Dove Cattle Co. offers beef portions for every lifestyle and budget. Discover the perfect fit for your culinary needs and freezer space.



Experience a variety of premium cuts without committing to a large quantity. Perfect for small families or those new to buying beef directly from a farm.


A balanced selection of steaks, roasts, and ground meat that suits the needs of most households. Great for regular cooking and occasional entertaining.


Enjoy the full range of beef cuts at the best price per pound. Ideal for large families, group buying, or anyone serious about stocking up and saving.

Ground Beef

Stock up on our all-natural ground beef, perfect for everyday meals from burgers to bolognese. Available in handy 1 lb packages.

Explore The Beef:

Each portion of beef from Lonesome Dove Cattle Co.—whether a Quarter, Half, or Whole—offers a selection of cuts designed to cater to various culinary needs:
All portions include a range of:
  • Ribeye (from the rib section)
  • Sirloin steaks (from the loin section)
  • Other steaks depending on the exact breakdown, such as filet mignon or T-bone from the loin.
  • Chuck roast (from the chuck section)
  • Round roast (from the round section)
Other Cuts
  • Ground beef (often from less tender parts of the beef like trimmings)
  • Stew meat (typically from tougher sections like the chuck or round)
  • Short ribs (from the plate section)
  • Brisket (from the lower chest or breast area, usually part of a front quarter)

Understanding Beef Cuts

Discover the variety of cuts available from Lonesome Dove Cattle Co. Each part of the cow provides a unique taste and is suited for different cooking methods:


  • Location: Front part of the cow, including the shoulder.
  • Features: Known for its rich, beefy flavor, chuck cuts are best when cooked slowly.
  • Common Uses: Roasts, stews, and ground beef.


  • Location: Middle section of the upper back
  • Features: Tender and flavorful with more fat marbling.
  • Common Uses:Ribeye steaks and prime rib.


  • Location: Back of the cow, behind the rib section.
  • Features: The most tender cuts of beef.
  • Common Uses: Steaks like the T-bone, porterhouse, and filet mignon.


  • Location: Rear end of the cow.
  • Features: Leaner cuts that are less tender.
  • Common Uses:Roasting or grinding into ground beef.


  • Location: Lower abdominal area.
  • Features: A flat and flavorful cut with a firm texture.
  • Common Uses: Stir-frying and grilling, best when marinated.


  • Location: The leg portion.
  • Features: Very tough and full of connective tissues.
  • Common Uses: Slow-cooking, excellent for soups and stews.


  • Location: Lower chest or breast.
  • Features: Tough cut with a lot of connective tissue.
  • Common Uses: Best when slow-cooked, popular for smoking and barbecue.


  • Location: Lower belly area, beneath the ribs.
  • Features: TTough and fatty but very flavorful.
  • Common Uses:Skirt steaks and short ribs, ideal for grilling or braising.

Benefits of Buying in Portions

Choosing your beef by the portion—whether it’s a quarter, half, or whole—allows you to tailor your purchase to your household’s needs and preferences. This method ensures you get the freshest quality, a variety of cuts for different meals, and the best value for your budget.


Buying beef in larger quantities usually results in a lower cost per pound compared to purchasing individual cuts.


Many butchers allow customers to specify how their beef is cut and packaged, tailoring the thickness of steaks or the size of roasts to personal preference.

Stocking Up:

It provides a good amount of beef that can be frozen and stored for extended periods, making meal planning and budgeting easier.

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